Firstly, help is only a phone call away.

We have funeral directors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your needs and guide you through the funeral process.

  1. Contact the next of kin and family members.

    Ring a family member or friend who can provide you with immediate support. They can help you and begin to contact other people for you.

  2. Contact the family doctor or attending physician to advise of the death.

    If the death occurs at home a doctor will need to certify the death. The doctor is responsible for issuing documentation required before a cremation or burial can take place. In some situations the Coroner will need to be involved. If the death has occurred in a hospital or nursing home the duty nurse or other staff member will often do this task for you.

  3. Give Us A Call.

    It's amazing how much difference one call can make.

    We are here to guide you and assist you through this emotional time. We will organise the transfer from the place where the death has occurred into our care and arrange a time and place to meet with you and those to be involved in making the funeral arrangements.

(06) 845 1234

Before we meet with you, you may like to consider:

You will have to make a number of decisions in a short space of time . If you have had a chance to think about and maybe as a family discuss these issues you may find the process easier. Aside from a few legal requirements there are no rules for contemporary funeral services, the choice is yours and we are here to assist you achieve a suitable service for your loved one.

You may consider:

  • The type of service ­ public or private, traditional or contemporary?
  • Where and when will the service be?
  • Will there be refreshments?
  • Who will officiate ­ celebrant or minister?
  • Does anyone wish to view the deceased?
  • Does anyone have any special requests?

Activities like finding clothing for dressing the deceased, finding photographs for service sheets or DVD tributes, or starting to word a notice for the newspaper could also be started before we arrive, if you feel up to it. These tasks can also be easily delegated to those wanting to help.

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